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Mail-Order Brides: The Search For A True Love



The desire to love and be loved is one of the basic human emotional needs. Each and every person strives to find a soulmate with whom they could share their life, all its happy and sad moments. The pursuit of love is a major biological driver engraved into our very DNA. After conducting numerous surveys, statistics experts have established that every person on our planet has experienced the magic of falling in love at least once. For some, it is a regular occurrence. Loving and being loved results in a major release of serotonin, which is the happiness hormone. People feel profound happiness in a meaningful relationship with a compatible partner, which prompts them to seek marriage and family life.


However, there are many challenges and obstacles on your way to finding the one. High career ambitions are a must in the present-day world, and the intense pace of modern life may leave little to no time for dating. And of course, a fair share of luck is required to find your true soulmate among the millions and millions of people around you. Moreover, what if the person with whom you would be truly happy resides in a different city or even on a different continent?


Luckily, we live in the age of advanced technologies, and the modern internet solutions readily offer all the assistance you may need in your dating life. Looking for a wife online is not only incredibly time-efficient; it completely eliminates the geographical factor. Many American men specifically look for girls for marriage abroad – for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted to the exotic appearance of foreign wives, some feel congenial to the marriage and family values of other cultures. If you're a man dreaming of a serious relationship with a foreign lady, read on to learn about the most convenient and efficient way to make your dream come true – mail order bride.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride


How Much Are Mail-Order Wives?


Once you become a registered member of a mail-order bride site, you'll be offered a broad variety of features designed to facilitate your journey towards true love. The arsenal of options is more or less the same at all agencies; however, the quality and cost of services may differ significantly. When you first visit a platform that offers you an opportunity to find a bride, you need to pay attention not only to the website's design and convenience of use but also to the kit of matchmaking tools and connectivity features that come with the premium packages or subscriptions. Keep in mind that the sheer number of opportunities does not equal high quality of services. 


When choosing between several different websites that offer international brides, scrutinize their premium and VIP packages and take note of what additional services they include, as well as their cost. Make sure the website allows you to check out the site and its features before asking you to pay. Some portals offer free trials, others let you look around and browse the profiles of foreign women free-of-charge while locking the messages, chats and other connectivity features behind a paywall. Don't forget to check if there are any discounts and bonuses available to loyal clients – for instance, some websites reduce the price of your monthly subscription the longer you use their services. All in all, mail-order brides pricing is not exactly budget-friendly, but you can shop around and find a portal that offers the services you need at a reasonable cost. Remember that you're investing in your future happy marriage.


Mail-Order Bride Agencies In The Modern Dating World


It's believed that finding a husband or wife is not only one of the most important deeds in a person's life, but also one of the most difficult challenges. But with every new day, the modern world offers new solutions designed to make people's lives easier and help them overcome various life obstacles and hindrances. Mail-order bride agencies are designed to make your search for a perfect partner less challenging. If you need a wife from abroad, you've come to the right place. In addition to facilitating the formation of solid and long-lasting marriages, such agencies offer you the opportunity to delve into different countries and meet many new and wonderful people. Just create an account and start messaging beautiful Asian, Slavic or Latina girls that are eager to become a loving and faithful wife to an American man!


With mail-order bride portals, geographical limits and national borders can no longer stand in the way of true love. You can exchange messages and chat with online brides to your heart's content, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other without traveling across the world. Moreover, the vast majority of agencies offer phone calls and video chat services as part of their premium packages. These connectivity tools are invaluable in online dating. You can have a voice conversation with your future mail-order wife, observe her manners and intelligence in real time, and see how her looks and personality shine together. In this regard, text-only conversations are greatly inferior to the power of phone and video calls. 


Worth noting, pursuing mail-order wives is not a cheap endeavor. In addition to paying for the services of your agency, you need to be a gentleman at all times to conquer the heart of your foreign love interest. Sending romantic presents and gifts is always appropriate. As your online relationship grows and develops, you will achieve a point when it's time to meet in person. Once you deal with the travel expenses, you will need to be generous when it comes to entertaining and courting your lady during your first in-person dates. Keep in mind that even in the case of “brides for sale” no one can give you a 100% guarantee that your marriage will be as solid as you expect it to be. But if statistical data is anything to be taken into account, most international marriages are happy and long-lasting.


Mail-Order Brides: A Peek Into History


Based on everything said above, you may think that the phenomenon of “buy a woman” and mail-order bride services is pertinent only to the era of ubiquitous internet, which started in the 1990s. Indeed, around that time, the first international dating agencies and mail-order bride sites emerged on the web, connecting single people from across the world and creating happy marriages and families. However, back in the 1800s, people were already familiar with the concept of mail-order wives.


Amidst the Gold Rush, many brave men reached the American frontier, pursuing their dreams. Very few ladies followed, which prompted Americans to send letters to churches across the pond, requesting facilitation in finding wives. Many men also posted personal ads in newspapers, and interested ladies from the other continent responded with heartfelt letters, attaching their best photographs. Quite a few successful marriages resulted from correspondence that started in the above-described manner.


In the present day and age, advanced communication technologies make it much easier for single American men to meet ladies from abroad for marriage. Mail-order bride websites further facilitate and simplify the whole process. Just sign up and purchase a membership – and you will instantly get access to a sizeable catalog of the profiles of foreign women who want to marry an American man. The search for girls has never been simpler – and we have to thank globalization for this major achievement.


Now that you have the answer to the question “What is a mail-order bride?”, you may take an interest in the origin of the name of this phenomenon. During the centuries that preceded the invention of the internet, American gentlemen had to do all the courtship via letters, conquering the hearts of ladies by the power of words. In most cases, the beloved saw each other for the first time immediately before marriage. As a result of letters being the only way of forging the relationship, the ladies were called mail-order brides and wives.


Things To Know Before “Mail-Ordering” A Wife


The popularity of mail-order bride sites has been on the surge ever since they emerged as part of the industry of online dating. Such portals and agencies offer a stunning opportunity for every single American gentleman to find the love of his life abroad. Unfortunately, there is still some distrust towards the mail-order bride industry, which is mainly caused by misinformation. It's crucial to spread awareness among US men so that more of them learn how to get a mail-order bride and find their happiness in a harmonious marriage with a foreign lady. Below are the things you need to know before you set off on your journey towards love.


  1. The women at international agencies choose to become mail-order brides out of their own free will. As a rule, these ladies simply want to marry a reliable man, start a family and fulfill their calling of being an amazing wife and mother. For her profile to become visible to foreign men, a bride needs to create and fill out her profile and complete certain verification procedures designed to confirm her identity. Scam artists know no rest in the dating industry, and agencies take every precaution to ensure the safety and security of their clients.


  1. Once you're firm in your decision to start looking for a wife on an international site, you should choose the right agency. Get familiar with the usability of their website, the features they offer within the premium packages, as well as their pricing policies. Do not forget to read reviews of the agency on a third-party platform. The feedback from its satisfied or disappointed clients can shed light upon the real state of things. Once you've selected a specific agency, register and create your profile. Since gentlemen are the paying clients, the registration procedure is uncomplicated and no verification is usually required.


  1. A lot depends on luck in the dating world. That is why no one can give you a 100% guarantee that you will promptly meet your soulmate – even if you sign up on the best website and purchase the most expensive membership. But persistence and optimism greatly increase your chances of meeting the foreign woman you seek. Talk to girls and get to know them. Even if it takes you a while to find the one for marriage, you will not regret the time you've spent on the mail-order bride website. The vast majority of ladies are not only gorgeous but also intelligent and well-educated, which provides for hours-long engaging and entertaining conversations.


  1. Mail-order bride sites are the utmost convenience the modern world can offer when it comes to dating across borders. You can get to know girls from across the world without leaving the comfort of your home. No need to interrupt your steady life and travel to distant lands for an opportunity to meet foreign women. You'll only need to close the distance once you're sure your online girlfriend is marriage material.


We'll Help You Choose The Right Agency


After reading the article above, you already have a solid idea of how to get a mail-order bride. The main goal of international dating agencies that provide mail-order bride services is to help lonely people from different parts of the world meet, fall in love and create strong couples. Registering on an agency's website is the first step of your path towards finding your soulmate and replacing your loneliness with the happiness of a harmonious married life with or without kids.


Our service dedicates its resources to assisting single American men in their pursuit of foreign wives. Here you will find informative articles on each of the popular websites that operate in the industry, as well as numerous reviews of their paid features and overall quality of services. The materials we've gathered will help every man that desires to meet a foreign lady for marriage through a specialized platform. Worth noting, we do not seek out the best websites; we merely give them an assessment from the point of view of trustworthiness and reliability.


We also shed light on the widespread scam scenarios to warn you of them before a scam artist lands you in trouble. Our specialists test different websites and write comprehensive reviews that cover every aspect – from the site's design, usability and convenience to the available range of matchmaking and connectivity tools. This not only gives you solid knowledge upon which you can base your choice; you also learn about the peculiarities and possible pitfalls of using a particular agency's website before you even create an account. We are both proud and happy to facilitate your journey towards a happy marriage with a gorgeous foreign lady.


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